Friday, 26 February 2016

Getting set...

Last August I sold my very beautiful, 53 year-old 36' S&S wooden sloop after a 20 year love affair!

So I purchased a 1955 Citroen Traction Avant. That purchase has motivated me to make a few lengthy road trips this summer. I'm not sure if these jaunts will be an adequate substitute for sailing, but I'm looking forward to exploring the red and blue highways of the US, keeping a diary/blog and posting reports of my experiences from Middle America.

On March 7, I'll head to Amelia Island, just across the Georgia/Florida border, to check out their huge classic and antique car auction and show. I intend to carry on down the East Coast, catch up with a few boating friends and eventually join The Caravan Stage Company's ship AMARA ZEE wintering in La Belle, a little town on the Okeechobee Canal that cuts across Florida from Stuart to Ft. Myers. I'll finish the "Florida U" by returning up the West coast and back to Ontario by early April.

I'll be back on the road in August heading to Pebble Beach, California, to check out the antique and classic car auctions and various car shows. Again, I will be staying off interstate highways and will even follow sections of the old Route 66 that still exist.

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